Who We Are:

We are a local chapter of the New York State PTA that advocates for the  instructions, services, and programs that meet the unique needs of students of different abilities. Our goal is to ensure our students have a fair and equitable access to education.


Herricks SEPTA is a strong group of parents, teachers, staff, and administrators who work together to support every child's right to learn.  We are bonded together in a common mission to support the academic and social development of our children.

We are friends, we are family, and we are neighbors. Come join our ever-changing and growing community!


​​Jenny Yang

Larry LIn

Co-Presidents of SEPTA

Larry Lin

Jenny Yang

Our Officers

Co-presidents: Jenny Yang & Larry Lin

VP of Programming: Glenna Rubin

Treasurer: Judy Olson

Secretary: Christina DePaola

Our Bylaws

Herricks SEPTA's bylaws

effective 10/1/2018